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Commonwealth Flag Network

Notifications of special days for flying the Australian National Flag and other official flags, and occasions when flags should be flown at half-mast, are distributed via the Commonwealth Flag Network. Anyone can subscribe to the network to ensure they receive flag flying notices.

Current flag messages are at Flag Announcements.

This should be particularly useful if you are responsible for a flag station for a government or non-government organisation. To subscribe or update your subscription details please go to the subscriptions page.

Australian National Anthem

Australian Flag

The Australian National Anthem, proclaimed in 1984, identifies Australia at home and overseas. It unites the nation and is a public expression of joy and pride in being Australian.

The anthem is used at important public ceremonies, sporting and community events. The words of the Australian National Anthem are available for download on this site.

Australian National Flag

Australian National Flag

The Australian National Flag was first flown in Melbourne in 1901. For over a century now it has been the primary expression of Australian identity and pride.

You can receive immediate advice on how to fly the flag on special occasions by registering for the Commonwealth Flag Network alert.