Bravery Medal


The Bravery Medal is awarded for acts of bravery in hazardous circumstances.

It is the third highest Australian Bravery Decoration.


Australian Bravery Decorations date from the establishment of the Australian honours system in February 1975. The Group Bravery Citation was added in 1990.

The decorations recognise acts of bravery by members of the community.

There are four levels of decoration:

There is also the Group Bravery Citation an award for a group of people involved in a single incident.

Past recipients

Read about Lisa Strathern who was awarded the Bravery Medal in 2005 for saving the lives of two parachutists.

Search the Australian Honours List for past recipients of the Bravery Medal.

View the numbers awarded for the Bravery Medal.

How it is awarded

Anyone may nominate any other person for a bravery decoration.

The nomination may be for a brave act by an Australian citizen in Australia or overseas. A citizen of another country carrying out a brave act in Australia may also be nominated.

Bravery decorations may be made posthumously.

The Honours Secretariat at Government House researches the nominations. The Australian Bravery Decorations Council then considers them.

The Council has fourteen members including representatives of each state and territory, two ex-officio members and four community members appointed by the Governor-General on the recommendation of the Prime Minister.

The Australian Bravery Decorations Council makes recommendations for awards to the Governor-General. The Council also recommends the level of awards.

There is no set timeframe for announcing bravery awards. Generally there are two announcements a year each April and August.

After the announcement of awards, recipients are invited to a ceremony or investiture at Government House in their state.

Recipients have the post-nominals of BM. Those awarded a bar or bars may also use 'and Bar' or 'and Bars' after their name.

Medal design

The Bravery Medal

The Bravery Medal

The Bravery Medal is a circular bronze medal ensigned with the Crown of St Edward. The medal is surmounted with the shield and crest of the Commonwealth Coat of Arms. The Federation Star is above the shield, which is contained in a circular zig-zag border.

The medal ribbon has alternating red and magenta stripes.

Nomination forms

Download a copy of the Australian Bravery Decorations nomination form.

Print fact sheet

The information on this page is available as a printable fact sheet.

More information

For more information on making an Australian Bravery Decoration nomination please contact:

Honours Secretariat
Government House

Ph: 1800 552 275
Last Updated: 29 September, 2008