About the Database

The Australian Honours Database collection includes Australian Honours mentioned at Honours Announcements occurring on Australia Day, The Queens Birthday, Bravery Decorations Announcements and special occasions such as the Midwinter’s Day Honours List and when Her Majesty the Queen makes appointments in the Royal Victorian Order to members of the Australian community. The honours announcements are published in the Commonwealth of Australia Gazettes. You can view the Calendar of Award events which provides dates of Honours Announcements.

The database collection is, by no means a complete list of Australian honours recipients. In the main, it contains records of those Australian honours recipients who have agreed to have their details published on this website.

It has not been possible to contact recipients of earlier honours of Imperial awards and some recipients of Australian awards regarding publishing of their details on the website. Australian honours recipients are now asked whether they wish to have their details published on the website

Some awards in the Australian system such as the National Medal and the Police Overseas Service Medal,are not gazetted, are also included in this collection. Imperial awards granted to Australian citizens from the 1890's through till the late 1980s also appear in the collection.

Details of Australian honours recipients whose names have been gazetted and who have agreed to have their details published on this website may not have released certain details to be published such as residential addresses or suburbs /postcodes.

Where full or part addresses are provided in a list of award recipients, the address is the address at the time the award was granted by the Governor-General to the honours recipient and remains unchanged irrespective of a new or change of address for an honours recipient.

Details about Imperial award recipients and recipients of Australian awards which do not appear in the Gazette may omit address details and even citations and simply provide the name of the awardee, the award type and the date the award was granted. Efforts have been made to provide as much information as possible.

Some details of Australian recipients of Imperial awards are very restrictive as few details were originally recorded from the 1890's when awards were initially granted. Progressively, over the years it has been the policy to provide more details about honours recipients.

Defence honours records appearing on the ‘Its an Honour’ website

Apart from the list of civilian awards, The ‘It’s an Honour’ website search facility, provides records of the following Defence related awards:

  • Victoria Cross;
  • Gallantry Decorations;
  • Distinguished Service Decorations;
  • Conspicuous Service Decorations;
  • Nursing Service Cross;
  • 80 th Anniversary Armistice Remembrance Medal;
  • Anniversary for National Service 1951-1972 Medal;
  • Skill at Arms Medal; and
  • Unit Citations.

No Defence service or campaign medals in the Australian system of honours and awards appear on the website, however, there are a number of Imperial awards to Australian Defence Force personnel published on the website inclusive of the following awards:

  • Victoria Cross
  • Distinguished Service Order
  • The Royal Red Cross
  • Distinguished Conduct Medal
  • Military Cross
  • Military Medal
  • Conspicuous Gallantry Medal
  • Distinguished Flying Cross
  • Distinguished Flying Medal
  • Air Force Cross
  • Air Force Medal
  • The Queen’s (King’s) Commendation for Valuable Service in the Air
  • George Cross
  • George Medal
  • Empire Gallantry Medal
  • The Queen’s Gallantry Medal
  • The Queen’s (King’s) Commendation for Brave Conduct

Defence awards including service/campaign awards are registered at the Defence Directorate for Honours and Awards. The website of this Agency is and telephone no. 1800 111 321.

Access to Defence honours records are also available through the Australian War Memorial website while the National Archives of Australia also provides some records of Defence honours.


Last Updated: 3 April, 2007