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This interface allows you to perform simple searches using personal details, the name of the award/medal, the announcement event or any combinations of these. The award/medal field allows you to perform a keyword search in the medal name field to locate medal(s) of interest. Simply click on the 'search' button when you are ready to process your search query.

Please note: Defence campaign/service medals do not appear in this collection as defence award administration is the responsibility of the Australian Government - Department of Defence.

The Australian Honours Database does not include records for some non-gazetted awards, including some recipients of the National Medal, Humanitarian Overseas Service Medal and other awards. If you are not able to find the information you are looking for, you should contact the Honours Secretariat at Government House, Canberra which holds a complete list of recipients of awards in the Australian honours system. You can authorise Government House to provide your personal honours information to the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet to add to the database.

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