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Geraldine Doogue AO (Officer of the Order of Australia, 2003)

Geraldine Doogue AO (Officer of the Order of Australia, 2003)
Photo: ABC Radio National

Geraldine Doogue AO (Officer of the Order of Australia, 2003)

From diamond rushes in Western Australia to the cutting edge of modern psychology, technology and spirituality Geraldine Doogue - one of our most admired journalists - has sought to capture the challenges and opportunities facing Australians.

Geraldine gained a name as an incisive but fair reporter working with the West Australian,The Australian, 2UE, Channel 10 and the ABC. She has been presenter of ABC Radio National’s Life Matters, Sunday Profile and Saturday Breakfast, as well as host of ABC TV’s Nationwide and Compass. She played a major role in ABC TV's coverage of the Gulf War, receiving a United Nations Media Peace Prize.

In recent years, Geraldine’s journalistic stature has allowed her to more keenly pursue her own interests. Her focus has been on raising public awareness of the ethical, moral, religious and spiritual issues which confront our society as well as the challenges posed by advances in knowledge and technology.

‘Today, people have more power to take control of their own lives than ever before,’ she says. ‘I think it’s the role of the media to make them aware of the possibilities and the opportunities this power presents rather than fill them with despair.’

For distinguished service of a high degree to the community and to the media on issues involving ethics, values, religion and social change, Geraldine was appointed an Officer of the Order of Australia in 2003. The honour of Officer of the Order of Australia recognises the commitment and service of people like Geraldine to building a better and more positive Australia.

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Last Updated: 24 May, 2006