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Media Centre

The It’s an Honour media centre is designed to provide journalists with an understanding of honours and national symbols including answers to media FAQs, advice on where to look for media releases and images from our online gallery. Features of this site that may be of interest to you are included in a Quick Reference section offering easy access to useful information.

In addition, you might like to view profiles of outstanding individuals in the Honoured Australians section.

Most honours are announced twice a year – on Australia Day in January and on the Queen’s Birthday in June. The details are provided in advance under embargo to the media to enable the preparation of their stories.

Information is provided by the Honours Secretariat at Government House in Media Packs provided to newspapers and broadcasters. They can be contacted on 1800 552 275 or 02 6283 3533.

A separate but similar process of twice-yearly announcements occurs for recipients of the Bravery decorations.

Occasionally a special list of honours recipients is made at other times of the year. An example was the Honours list to recognise people who assisted victims of the Bali bombings announced in October 2003.

Recipients are awarded the insignia of their Honours at Investiture Ceremonies in Canberra and State/NT capitals by the Governor-General and State Governors/Administrator.

Media enquiries regarding Australian honours announcements and administration should be directed to the Australian Honours and Awards Secretariat at Government House, Canberra, on 1800 552 275 or 02 6283 3533.

Media enquiries on honours policy and national symbols matters may be directed to the Honours, Symbols and Territories Branch of the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet at webmaster@itsanhonour.gov.au, however please note that the Department does not provide media comment on policy matters.  Such enquiries may be referred further to the responsible agency, provided with strictly factual information or directed to publicly available information, including on this website.

Last Updated: 10 January, 2013